By admin • • 15 Jun 2011
Peter (& Gunvor) Edwards on Display

On being asked what sort of Art we did, I could claim none; no sorting at all..

The designer Peter William Edwards lives and works in the UK with his wife Gunvor from the comfort of a farmhouse in the far flung reaches of Essex. He writes:

I began as an free-lance artist in Sweden after qualifying in London in Illustration. Fortunately a useful grounding in Painting, Print and Sculpture came with the course. This was handy, for I soon began to sell illustration originals too and, on return to London with Gunvor my illustrious illustrator wife, began to pick up design work from Exhibition Designers and Museums as well as from Publishers. Sorting through the consequent range of commissions has been chaotic, but here are a few favourites from the fields of Publications (mostly Children’s Books),  Exhibition Concepts and Design, Sculptures and Structures, and Painting. As Durante says, A man’s gotta eat.


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